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Magnetic 2D materials

Giovedì 15 aprile 2021, ore 15.00
online on Google Meet link: https://meet.google.com/yud-upbp-mno

The first 2D magnetic material in which ferromagnetism has been shown experimentally to persist down to individual monolayers has been reported less than three years ago. Since then a number of different experiments have been performed on atomically thin magnets of different types, and led to interesting observations (giant tunneling magneto resistance, gate-tuning of the magnetic state, strong exchange bias at van der Waals interfaces, etc.). In my talk I will give a short introduction to this rapidly evolving domain of research, and discuss results obtained in my group on atomically thin multilayers of materials such as CrI3, CrCl3 (layered antiferromagnets) and MnPS3 (antiferromagnetic within individual layers). Most of our experiments focus on investigations of the magnetic properties of atomically thin crystals of these materials by using them to form tunnel barriers and by measuring their tunneling magnetoresistance. As I will show, tunneling magnetoresistance allows tracing the boundaries between different magnetic phases, and it can therefore be used to establish magnetic phase diagrams. Specific phenomena that I will discuss include the observation of a giant tunneling magnetoresistance in CrI3, a complete analysis of the magnetic phases of multilayers of CrCl3 as a function of thickness, magnetic field and temperature, and the observation of a spin-flop transition in MnPS3 persisting to the ultimate thickness of an individual monolayer.

Magnetic 2D materials [pdf].

Relatore: Prof Alberto Morpurgo (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Marco Gibertini (FIM, UNIMORE) marco.gibertini@unimore.it
Claudia Cardoso (S3, CNR-NANO) claudiamaria.pereiracardoso@unimore.it

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