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Anelastic properties of materials

Giovedì 19 novembre 2020, ore 10:00-12:00
Virtual Room Dolly FIM
Nanomechanics Course - Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Physics.

Relatore: Enrico Gianfranco Campari (Dip . di Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Bologna)

Abstract: In the lecture the anelastic behaviour of solids will be presented. Anelasticity will be discussed in relation to the other properties of solids under deformation.
The dynamical techniques for the estimation of anelasticity will be illustrated systems with resonant oscillations and systems with forced oscillations.
Some case studies will be shown in order to describe the information that can be obtained with these techniques.

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You must register for the Nanomechanics course of Laurea Magistrale in Physics, and enter in the Virtual Room of Collaborate as guest.

Host: Dr. Alberto Rota.

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