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Electronic and structural properties of few layers van der Waals materials

Giovedi 6 giugno 2019, ore 15.00, aula Seminari, terzo piano, edificio Fisica, Dipartimento FIM, Modena.

Relatore: Claudia Maria Cardoso Pereira

Abstract: The recent reports of ferromagnetic order in two dimensional crystals sign the beginning of a new chapter in the field of 2D materials. Bulk CrI3 is a layered van der Waals ferromagnet and, in its monolayer form, a 2D ferromagnet. In contrast, few-layers CrI3 present an AFM interlayer coupling. In this study, we address the interplay between stacking and interlayer exchange coupling for CrI3 2D crystals using first-principles calculations and an effective interlayer coupling model. We also explore the possibility of using 2D ferromagnets in a new type of spin valve, in which a 2D nonmagnetic conductor is intercalated between two ferromagnetic insulating layers. In this setup, the relative orientation of the magnetizations of the insulating layers can have a strong impact on the in-plane conductivity of the 2D conductor.

Host: Massimo Rontani

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