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Discrete Morse Theory

Giovedì 30 maggio, lunedì 3 giugno, giovedì 6 giugno, lunedì 10 giugno, dalle 14:00 alle 16:00 in aula M2.3, edificio Matematica, Dipartimento FIM, Modena

Relatore: Prof. Bruno Benedetti (University of Miami)

Description: Discrete Morse theory was introduced by Forman in 2000. Together with its ancestor, simple-homotopy theory, it yields a method to simplify any given triangulation, while preserving its homological data. We give an elementary introduction to the theory, using a more geometric and intuitive approach. At the same time, we explain how to find "good" discrete Morse functions quickly, with the help of a computer. If time permits, we sketch also some interesting applications to other areas of geometry, like knot theory or geometric topology.

Note: This series of lectures is designed for PhD and master students with some background in algebraic topology.
Anyone interested is warmly invited to attend the lectures.

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