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Probing Architecture and Dynamics of Biological Membranes using Atomic Force Microscopy

Lunedì 22 ottobre 2018, ore 15.00, aula Seminari, terzo piano, edificio Fisica, Dipartimento FIM, Modena

Relatore: Pierre-Emmanuel Mihiet (Centre de Biochimie Structurale, Inserm, U1054, CNRS UMR5048, Montpellier University, France)

Abstract: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is a technique consisting in raster scanning of the sample with a sharp tip and is a very powerful tool to probe the topography of biological samples under physiological conditions with a vertical and lateral resolution in the nanometer range. AFM is especially an outstanding technique to probe both architecture and dynamics of biological membranes.
During this talk, I will highlight the capacity of AFM to probe lateral organization of model or native membranes, especially in the context of micro or nanodomains. I will stress on the use of recent developments in AFM such as high-speed imaging and correlative AFM-single molecule localization microscopy.

Ospiti: Andrea Alessandrini andrea.alessandrini@unimore.it

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