Class Schedule

Class schedule A.Y. 2022/2023 (Italian)

Teaching activities schedule A.Y. 2022/2023

Bachelor and master programs:

1st semester: 26st September 2022 to 23nd December 2022.

2nd semester: 27th February 2023 to 1st June 2023 – Easter Holiday break:

Teaching activities schedule A.Y. 2023/2024

Bachelor and master programs:

1st semester: 25th September 2023 to 22nd December 2023

2nd semester: 26th February 2024 to 31st May 2024

Exam session

As stated by UniMoRe regulations, there is only one exam session per academic year. The session starts on the 1st November and ends before the 20th April of the next academic year.

Exams can not be taken before their corresponding course ends.

During lecture breaks and all year long, at least six dates per course will be scheduled for students to take exams. This holds for those courses contemplating a final exam and a grade.

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