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Program of Excellence

The "excellence program" is intended to integrate the training of the M.Sc. in physics with topical courses on the latest developments of scientific research in physics. Students admitted to the Program will attend a series of thematic courses, agreed with a tutor, based on the student's scientific interests, and pass the tests. The courses, of about 8-10 hours each, are made available by the Graduate school in Physics and Nanoscience organized by the Department, making use of international leading professors in their respective research fields.

Requirements to enter the Excellence Program are established by the Regulation. Participants who successfully complete the Program will receive a certificate from the Department. Furthermore, according to an agreement with the Graduate School in Physics and Nanosciences, the lessons attended will be recognized in partial fulfillment of the educational obligations for students admitted to the Doctoral School.

List of currentlty available courses

Regulations of the excellence program (in Italian)

Informations: Prof. Guido Goldoni

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