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Guided tours from renowed scientists at large facilities

Guided tours to national and international research centers
The Department organizes and supports visits to national and international research centers every year. These visits, led by our experts, represent an opportunity to get introduced to some of the greatest European facilities and help students to orient themselves towards possible thesis projects that includes experiments and stays at these large facilities.

Synchrotron Trieste - ELETTRA
Physicists in Modena, now gathering into the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics open in 2013, have a long tradition in the study of the physics of matter and nanosciences using synchrotron light techniques. Most of our experimental physicists take advantage of European synchrotron facilities, such as Elettra, ESRF, Soleil, Alba, FERMI, Bessy and SRS, for their own experiments. Some of them have created and directed lines of light at the ELETTRA facility in Trieste. This 'specialty' has allowed us to set up the course "Synchrotron radiation: basics and applications", specifically dedicated to the instrumental aspects and the techniques of investigation of the matter that use Synchrotron light.
As part of the course, the teacher, prof. Sergio D’Addato, organizes and leads a annual visit to the Elettra and Fermi laboratories of the Societą Sincrotrone Trieste, during which participants meet scientists working at the beam lines of the Synchrotron and the free electron laser. The visit is coordinated with the contents of the course, but is open to all students of the Physics Master's Degree.

CERN, Geneva
Students attending the Degree Courses in Physics may take part in a visit to CERN in Geneva, where the professors dealing with particle physics work, which takes place every year. At CERN, an international research center funded by several European countries, large particle accelerators and complex experimental devices are used to perform precision measurements on elementary particles.
Experts from CERN will lead students to visit experimental areas, technological laboratories, control rooms, and the computing center where huge amounts of data from the experiments are collected, processed and stored. The visit is organized by the teacher of the Elementary particle course, prof. Andrea Bizzeti.

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