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Master Degree in Physics

"An international student-friendly course in English, with a high teacher/student ratio."

The degree

Presentation in brief

Physics is a Master's Degree Program in English that offers a complete and up-to-date training in different fields of physics, from the most fundamental ones to the latest technological applications. It allows to acquire a working knowledge of the main techniques of manipulation and investigation of matter, of the development of theoretical-mathematical models, and of the most advanced computational techniques.

  • Curriculum and flexible study plans which can be suited to your needs
  • A teaching body made up of scientists active in the respective research fields and visiting professors of foreign universities, engaged in cutting-edge fundamental and applied physics research
  • A daily interaction with teachers and researchers in an international environment, which includes the CNR center for nanosciences
  • Possibility to carry out degree theses on the most current research topics in up-to-date experimental and computational laboratories
  • Programs of excellence and international mobility in Europe for the most motivated students.

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Curriculum and study plan

The Degree Program is organized in three curricula:

Each curriculum allows attendees to personalize their study plan to fit their interestss, updating it at the end of each semester. 12 free choice ECTS allow students to include courses from a different curriculum, without restrictions, or courses from another program at Unimore, including those required for teaching in high schools in Italy.

The study plan can be completed with an international experience by participating in the double degree program with the Radboud Universiteit, a center of excellence for European research in physics, simultaneously obtaining the Master's Degree in Physics at Unimore and the M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy at RU. It is also possible to participate in the Erasmus program.

Some special programs, such as the Excellence program and the participation in SUGAR / CBI Design Thinking projects, allow students to complete their study plan with a training on the most advanced research topics or to make direct contact with the enterprise world.

Complete list of courses by curriculum

Useful information and links

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Our students

alt «I believe that being able to study the Master's Degree completely in English is a great opportunity.»

alt «An extensive and up-to-date training, designed and implemented with a focus also at the world of research.»

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Double Degree Program

A joint study program agreed between UNIMORE and the Radboud Univesiteit (Nijmegen, NL) allows you to attend one year at each institution and obtain at the same time the Master's Degree in Physics of UNIMORE and the M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy of the RU at the end of the two-year program.

The double degree program is accessed through a selection at the beginning of the two-year master's degree.

Double degree program webpage

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