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Physics programs

The Department offers a complete training path in the field of physical sciences, from the bachelor's degree to the master's degree and to the doctorate, in an advanced research context connected at an international level.

The Bachelor's Degree in Physics provides students with a solid training in classical and modern physics, providing the student with operational knowledge in all areas of fundamental physics (classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, statistical and thermodynamics, wave phenomena, atomic and condensed matter physics , nuclear physics) and related technological applications. Students also acquire the knowledge and use of the language of physics, mathematics, laboratory methodologies, and programming techniques for numerical problem solving. The course ends with an internship in a research laboratory of the Department or in one of the numerous public or private companies connected with the department.

The International Master's Degree in Physics provides cutting-edge training in various areas of contemporary physics. The curriculum Theoretical and computational physics, Experimental nano-physics and quantum technologies, and Bio-physics and applied physics are active. The courses cover the physics of matter, both from an theoretical-computational and an experimental point of view, high-energy physics, and various applicative fields, such as nanotechnology, biophysics, and quantum technologies. Flexible study plans, a didactic that integrates theoretical, experimental and computational skills, and a research degree thesis on frontier topics provide an advanced training tailored to the student's interests. Physics is a course delivered in English and participates in the Erasmus program. A double degree agreement with the Radboud Universiteit of Nijmegen (NL), a center of excellence for European research in physics, allows students to simultaneously obtain the Master's Degree in Physics from Unimore and the M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy from RU.

At the end of the Master's Degree, you can proceed for a doctoral program within the School of Graduate Studies in Physics and Nanosciences, a three-year advanced training program to carry out researches in fundamental or applied physics. Many of our graduates currently carry out cutting-edge research in major laboratories in Italy and abroad.

Studies in physics ensure rapid and effective entry into the job market, thanks to a deep understanding of the fundamental phenomena underlying the development of new technologies. Physicists participate in the technological development of companies, orienting it and interacting with other professionals. Our graduates are present in all high-tech industrial sectors, from advanced mechanics to electronics and telecommunications, from biomedical to the ceramic industry. Physicists also find a role in the fields of meteorology and environmental control, medical physics, the financial sector, scientific publishing, and higher education.


Bachelor program chair: Stefano Frabboni.
Master program chair: Paolo Bordone.
Erasmus project: Francesco Rossella
Internships: Anna Franchini
Teaching management: Michela Vincenzi
Laboratory management: Stefano Frabboni
Tutoring: Guido Goldoni

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