MSc Degree - Mathematics

"In mathematics the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems."
Georg Cantor

The Degree Course

Presentation in brief

The Master Degree in Mathematics of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia provides a wide offer of courses which adapts with great flexibility to the student's training project.
The teaching staff carries out activities in cutting-edge fields of the scientific research and boasts collaborations with renowned foreign universities.
Thanks also to student mobility (IT) programs, it is possible to get in touch with high-level international research environments.

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Curriculum and study plan

Since the Academic Year 2020/21 the Course is organized in three different careers:

- General Curriculum (IT)
It provides an in-depth preparation on both the theoretical and the applicative aspects of Mathematics, in order to introduce the student to the scientific research sector.

- Teaching Curriculu (IT)
It provides a solid preparation on Mathematics, its history and teaching methodologies, in order to train a highly professional figure in the teaching sector.

- Data science Curriculu (IT)
It provides a vast preparation, particularly in-depth on modeling and computational aspects of Mathematics and Computer Science, in order to provide students with specific knowledge and practical tools that make them attractive to companies, research and development sectors of industries and careers in applied and computational mathematics.

Study plan

Our students

About us

«The course provides the opportunity to reach a deep knowledge of the themes that are the most attractive, as well as to form a highly specialized personal profile»

«The availability and flexibility of teachers, with regard to both receptions and the educational material to be made available to students who do not attend, were priceless»

«At the end of the three-year degree I chose to continue my studies in Modena and I enrolled in the Master of Science in Mathematics. It was the best choice I could make.»

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