Bachelor Degree - Mathematics

"The great book of nature is written in mathematical language."
Galileo Galilei

The Degree Course

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Why to enroll
The Degree Course in Mathematics provides a solid basic preparation in the different areas of Mathematics, a good self-possession of the scientific method, computer, computational and linguistic skills. It forms students with high ability to synthesize and abstracting information, the demand for which emerges increasingly in public and private research institutions, in industry, in the banking, insurance and financial world and, more generally, in the sector of high-tech services. This preparation is preparatory for those who want to deepen their studies in applied mathematics, for those who want to start with scientific research and for those who intend to devote themselves to the study of teaching and learning problems.

What do you study
Mathematics is studied in depth in its main fields: Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Probability Theory and Numerical Analysis. Courses are also offered in the fields of Physics, Computer Science, and IT. A wide range of optional courses is offered to allow you to undertake different training courses. The activities devoted to exercises, laboratories and the drafting of the Degree Thesis offer the student opportunities to develop their own abilities and inclinations independently.

What do you become
The natural path of the study of Mathematics continues in the Master's Degree Courses in Mathematics, to specialize in the activities of Teaching, Applied Mathematics or Scientific Research, or in a 1st level Masters. As regards the access to the labour market, about half of the graduates in Mathematics are employed in the field of teaching Mathematics and the dissemination of scientific culture. The other half mainly carries out qualified technical or professional tasks supporting the activities of industry, finance, services and public administration.

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«Forming ourselves, to acquire the skills and tools necessary to tackle this challenging and fascinating journey, is the mission of the degree courses in Mathematics such as those offered here at UniMoRe.»

«Attending studies in this department has guaranteed me to be followed in a very personal way by the professors and to be able to eventually establish first contacts with the local realities.»

«Many degree programs in Mathematics offer theoretically complete courses, but not so many offer the opportunity to practice the acquired skills.»

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