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Mathematical programs

The Degree Course in Mathematics of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia provides a solid basic preparation in the various areas of Mathematics, a good command of the scientific method, as well as computer and computational skills. This skills are preparatory to deepen the studies on the applied mathematical side and to start research and for those who intend to devote themselves to the study of teaching and learning problems.

During the course, mathematics is studied in depth in its main sectors: algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, mathematical physics, probability theory and numerical analysis. Classes in the fields of physics and computer science and computational laboratory activities are also offered. A wide range of optional courses is offered to allow you to undertake various training courses. 

The activities intended for exercises, laboratories and the drafting of the degree thesis offer students opportunities to develop their skills and inclinations independently.

Contact persons
Bachelor program chair: Arrigo Bonisoli
Master program chair: Marco Prato
Erasmus: Paola Cristofori
Curricular internships: Silvia Bonettini
Tutoring: Marco Prato
Lesson timetable and rooms: Michela Vincenzi

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