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Mathematical programs

The academic path offered by the Department in the discipline of mathematical sciences provides a solid basic preparation in the various areas of mathematics, a good mastery of the scientific method, as well as computational and linguistic skills. The two main components of the program are the Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and the Master's Degree in Mathematics, at the end of which it is possible to apply for the PhD in Mathematics in agreement with the Universities of Ferrara and Parma.

The Bachelor's Degree course in Mathematics has a standard three-year structure and provides the solid foundations on which to lay the advanced contents that will be seen in the next stage, forming figures with high capacity for synthesis and abstraction. During the course, mathematics is studied in depth in its main sectors: algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, mathematical physics, probability theory and numerical analysis. Classes in the fields of physics and computer science and computational laboratory activities are also offered.

The Master's Degree course in Mathematics, divided into the three General, Teaching and Data Science curricula, aims to complete the students' preparation in a targeted way, focused on the triple vocation of a mathematician towards academic research, teaching in secondary schools or placement in public and private research institutions, in industry, in the banking, insurance and financial world and, more generally, in the high-tech service sector. The personalized design of the study plan is facilitated by the offer of a wide range of elective courses, which allows to undertake different educational paths. The activities intended for exercises, laboratories and the drafting of the degree thesis offer the students the opportunities to independently develop their skills and inclinations.

Contact persons
Bachelor program chair: Arrigo Bonisoli
Master program chair: Marco Prato
Erasmus: Paola Cristofori
Curricular internships: Silvia Bonettini
Tutoring: Michela Eleuteri
Lesson timetable and rooms: Michela Vincenzi

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