Thesis writing guidelines

  • While leaving students free to choose the format of the report, it is suggested to use:
    • Times New Roman font or similar;
    • font size 12 points;
    • line spacing at most 1.5;
    • A4 page size (29.7cm - 21cm);
    • margins not less than 2 cm and not more than 3 cm, except the distance from the left margin which can be up to 3.5 cm to facilitate binding.
  • On the basis of the provisions of the Academic Senate (11/03/1997), the University Logo cannot be reproduced and affixed to the degree theses (neither on the title page nor on the individual internal pages). The University Logo cannot be reproduced or affixed on the presentation of the thesis during the graduation exam either.
  • Example of title page for three-year thesis: doc, rtf, pdf
  • The title page of the master's theses is automatically generated by MoReThesis.
  • It is important to use the sources in an appropriate wey and build the bibliography correctly, to avoid the plagiarism of sources. For more information, refer to the document " Thesis and copyright: instructions for undergraduates and doctoral students " prepared by SBA UniMoRe .
  • UniMoRe is equipped with a "Turnitin" anti-plagiarism software that can be used at any time by the thesis supervisors to check the papers produced by the students, both to dissuade candidates from copying and pasting and to prevent problems already in the preparation phase of the thesis .

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