Preparatory Math Course

The aim of the preparatory Math Course is to present some basic topics in Mathematics to the students that did not have a chance to see them during secondary school or that still want to review them. These contents are prerequisites for the Courses of the first semester at the FIM Department (Physics, Informatics, Mathematics). Knowledge of these topics is necessary for the proficiency test (in either version: TOLC-I or OFA-FIM) that each student of the FIM Department is required to pass.

At the end of the preparatory Math Course a session of OFA-FIM tests will be held. This session is reserved to students who have enrolled in a Degree Programme of the FIM Department (Physics, Informatics or Mathematics) and have not already successfully passed a TOLC-I test. The test will be organized in the afternoon of Friday, 29 September. Location, time and procedures for taking the test will be made available soon and will also be communicated during the preparatory Math Course

The preparatory Math Course will be held in italian:

here is the calendar, all lectures will take place at the FIM Department, starting 11 September 2023

Further contents which are available online

For additional information please contact:

Giorgia Franchini
Michela Eleuteri
Carlo Benassi

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