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English Language: Admission Test, Courses and Recognitions

All students enrolled in the three-year degree courses in Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics must acquire eligibility for the English language, which allows them to acquire 3 ECTS. Eligibility consists in verifying the receptive skills (reading and listening) of level B1 of the CEFR Framework (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Freshmen attending the first year of a three-year degree course can take the entrance test for the English language within the first semester of the first year. The test is computerized and is held at the SIA-SIRS University laboratories (on the ground floor of the building that houses the Department of Mathematics, on the BSI side library).

    By passing the test, the ECTS relating to the B1 English language qualification are automatically acquired and this will be automatically recorded on Esse3 platform during the first year of studies.

    There are two test dates for each degree course. The second date, or recovery, is reserved exclusively for those who did not take the test on the first date. You can take the test on only one of the two scheduled dates.

    The test is strongly recommended for students who already have a good knowledge of the English language (at least B1 level ).

    Students who for various reasons (e.g. transfer from another university) will be admitted to years subsequent to the first must not and cannot take the test, but must acquire eligibility by passing the exam or presenting the certification.

    PLEASE NOTE that, due to the pandemic situation, English entrance tests are suspended until further notice.
  • Students can submit at least level B1 certification  to the student secretariat. The certifications present in the list published by the University Language Center will be automatically recognized by the secretariat, the others will be evaluated case by case by the competent body (Board or Department Council).

    CFUs acquired through certification are NOT counted for the purposes of the ERGO benefits call. They are not, for example, valid for the purpose of reaching the number of CFUs required for scholarships.

    The recognition of Advanced English (higher than B1) within the career of a three-year student is not done automatically by the student secretariat but must go through a provision approved by a competent body of the Department (Board or Council).
  • Students who do not pass the test (or decide not to take it) will be able to attend the lessons of English teaching held by the University Language Center and will have to take the related exam to acquire the corresponding CFU.




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