Master Degree - Computer Science

"Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."
Edsger W. Dijkstra

The Degree Course

Presentation in brief

The Master of Science in Computer Science in Modena aims to train highly specialized analysts and software designers. The course offers interesting insights in the field of distributed systems and computational intelligence, with particular attention to the aspects of artificial intelligence, data analytics, construction of smart and secure systems with real-time performances. The teaching staff carries out activities in avant-garde fields of scientific research and boasts collaborations with prominent foreign universities. Thanks also to student mobility programs (ITA), it is possible to get in touch with high-level international research environments.

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Curriculum and study plan

The master’s degree in Computer Science is composed by a set of courses that allow strengthening the skills of software development, distributed modeling and high performance computing, taking care of both the theoretical and the application aspects. In the two-year period, students will deal with topics related to:
• AI Fundamentals and Applications
• Deep Learning
• Complex systems
• Big Data analytics
• Cloud and Edge Computing
• Safe programming
• Encryption
• Kernel hacking
• Optimization algorithms
• Privacy and data protection.

There are interesting transversal contents, such as software engineering and mobile computing, and the possibility of dealing with specific issues, such as bioinformatics, Internet of Things and Quantum Information processing.

Study plan

Informations and useful links

Some good reasons to enrol in Computer Science master’s degree in Modena

• Themes of Distributed Systems and Computational Intelligence
• Recent and dynamic master’s degree course (born in 2016/17)
• 30% to 40% of the time applied to laboratory activities
• Possibility of international experiences
• Internship in innovative companies
• Insights into Artificial Intelligence, secure systems, embedded and real-time systems, Data Analitycs
• Extensive possibilities for entering the labour market
• Possibility to continue the studies with the research doctorate
• Student-friendly city.

Student opinion on teaching (ITA)

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