Bachelor Degree - Computer Sciences

"Learn how to code, and code well, because whatever you do is going to involve an implementation."
Michael Stonebraker (2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award Recipient)

The Degree Course

Presentation in brief

What you study
The bachelor degree program in Computer Science is characterized by the presence of Computer Science courses for over 70% of the total. The basic training is ensured by 4 courses in Mathematics and 1 in Physics. The free choice activities (equal to 12 CFU) allow a strong personalization of the training path. The internship can be done internally or at local companies / organizations. English and the final exam complete the framework of training activities. The Computer Science courses provide a solid foundation on all the fundamental aspects of the discipline (algorithms, architectures, operating systems, networks, databases), with a clear emphasis on software design and development. In this regard, many programming languages ??are studied, characterized by different paradigms and application fields (C, C ++, Java, Python, JavaScript, ...), using methodologies (laboratories, exercises, individual and group projects) aimed at developing concrete applications.

What you become
Computer science graduates find immediate employment as software application analysts / developers (primarily) and as network and system administrators. Both employs can be in software companies, public administrations or medium / large non-ICT companies with internal IT staff. The skills acquired, in particular on open source tools, and the experience of developing projects within the teachings allow graduates to also undertake free professional and consultancy activities. Of course, it is possible to continue studying by enrolling in a master's degree.

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Study plan

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Why enrol

Good reasons to enrol in Computer Science:
* High demand for IT graduates
* Ease of finding job
* Creative work and satisfaction
* Possibility of professional growth

Very good reasons to enrol in Computer Science in Modena:
* Recent degree course
* Strong connection with the territory
* High percentage of practical experiences
* High graduates’ satisfaction
* Student-friendly city

Student opinion on teaching (IT)

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