Computer Science programs

The Computer Science Courses of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia aim at training graduates and master graduates able to enter a highly dynamic and highly demanding world of work not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but also in terms of mentality and method for dealing with and solving problems. The bachelor and master graduates are able to analyze, with adequate computer methods, problems that arise in different fields and to develop software for their resolution in potentially very different application environments based on potentially heterogeneous technologies.

The bachelor degree course includes educational activities in the areas of languages, algorithms and programming methodologies. The system / technological aspects necessary to know and operate in modern application environments are also provided, and therefore the computer networks, operating systems, database management systems are thought. The ability to analyze problems, construct models and evaluate the costs of solutions requires basic mathematical / scientific knowledge, even when the problems are not purely mathematical.

The master degree program provides advanced knowledge and skills, particularly in the fields of security and artificial intelligence, without neglecting cross-cutting aspects such as big data, software engineering, high performance computing, algorithmics. Teachers' skills, which carry out advanced research activities, are made available to students.

Contact persons

Bachelor program chair: Mauro Leoncini
Master program chair: Marco Villani
Erasmus: Paolo Valente
Curricular internships: Giacomo Cabri
Lesson timetable and rooms: Michela Vincenzi
Incoming students: Manuela Montangero, Luca Bedogni
Tutoring: Federica Mandreoli
Students careers: Marco Villani

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