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The HackinMORE group aims at supporting students interested in participating to events including Hackathons, Capture the Flags, and other similar activities.


Participation to the HackinMORE group is allowed for all students:

  • enrolled at the Informatics Bachelor or Master degrees of UNIMORE;
  • interested in receiving communications regarding participation to hackathons, contests and challenges regarding software development, data analysis and IoT systems, cyber-security capture the flag competitions, and other similar events.

Participation to the group does not imply any obligation by students. The group uses a mailing list to allow teachers to advertise events related to specific topics of interest. Students must communicate their interest to each event for receiving further information by the teacher to participate to the event. Each event might imply different participation modalities and possibly to additional preparation activities. Students can decide participating in the event after receiving all the due information.

The group is also meant to act as a bidirectional communication channel as it allows subscribed students to advertise events of their interests, to ask for support from teachers and/or finding other students potentially interested in participating.

The group also plans to advertise keynotes and tutorials by teachers on particular advanced topics of interests related to events and challenges. These activities will also be open for participation to all students.

Topics of interests include:
- IoT
- Nerwork protocols and architectures
- Big Data Management e Analytics
- Security e Privacy
- Algorithms
- Embedded Platforms
- High Performance Computing
- Complex Systems
- Blockchain

How to subscribe

To subscribe to the HackinMORE group, each student must send an email to hackinmoregroup-join@unimore.it from her/his university email account (characterized by the @unimore.it or @studenti.unimore.it domains). The mailing list system will send a confirmation email to the sender. Next, the request will be validated by the moderators of the mailing list. The actual acceptance to the group will be communicated by an email after completion of the previous two steps.

The students subscribed to the mailing list will be able to unsubscribe by sending an email to hackinmoregroup-leave@unimore.it. The subscription will be cancelled automatically by the mailing list system.

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