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"Science is built of facts, as a house is built of bricks; but an accumulation of facts is no more science than a pile of bricks"
Jules Henri Poincaré

Bachelor and Master degree Programs

To enroll in a three-year degree course, a high school diploma or equivalent is required. The courses last three academic years and at the end the degree is obtained.

To enroll in a Master's Degree course (Laurea Magistrale), the possession of a Bachelor's Degree is required. The courses last two academic years, at the end of which the Master's Degree is obtained.

Services and Facilities

All teaching activity takes place within the Physics and Mathematics buildings of the Science Campus in Via Campi in Modena. In the buildings there are classrooms, didactic laboratories, spaces for individual study. In the same buildings there are the teachers' offices, the didactic secretariat, and the research laboratories. The Interdepartmental Scientific Library, the canteen and the guesthouse are located on the Campus.

Doctoral Programs

Laurea Magistrale degree (or equivalent) is mandatory to enrol in PhD programs and admission to the program is subject to public examination.
Professors and researches of the Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics are involved in the following PhD programs:

Research at FIM

The professors and researchers of the FIM are scientists of recognized international value. Their scientific activity concerns both fundamental research and the development of new technological applications, also in collaboration with the local and international industrial fabric. The Department also hosts the CNR Nanoscience Institute, with which it collaborates closely, both from a scientific and didactic point of view.
To find out more, see the section: Research at FIM.

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