Quantum Field Theory and String Theory

Quantum field theory (QFT) is a powerful language that allows for the description of countless phenomena, from the fundamental interactions that comprise the Standard Model of particle physics to the complex systems studied in condensed matter theory. This framework can be enlarged to also include gravity, by assuming that the elementary constituents of Nature are not point-like particles, but tiny vibrating strings. This is the main postulate of string theory, currently our best candidate for a unifying theory of all physical laws.

The group at UniMORE is interested in different aspects of QFT and string theory. One line of research focuses on the world-line description of QFT, which provides a convenient representation of large classes of QFT scattering processes in terms of simple relativistic particle models. A second line of research is the interface between gauge theories and gravity, the so-called gauge/gravity duality, or holography, which has been responsible for enormous progress in our understanding of quantum gravity, string theory itself and other areas of physics such as quantum matter and strongly coupled systems.


Image by Diego Trancanelli on top of “Circle Limit III” by M.C. Escher


People: Prof. Olindo Corradini and Prof. Diego Trancanelli

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