Quantum Electron Microscopy

The measurement in quantum mechanics is always associated to the collapse of the wavefunction. The loss of information in the measuring process implies that measurements of physical quantities are obtained averaging over many single particle measurement. This usually inefficient measurement paradigm might be a problem in frontier Transmission Electron Microscopy for example when imaging dose sensitive material or addressing very fast phenomena. However a distinctive trait of quantum mechanics is that by changing the measurement basis we can obtain a measurement where the physical quantities are optimally extracted, often by turning a phase measurement into an amplitude. Our recent demonstration of an Orbital Angular Momentum Sorter for electron (holographic or electrostatic) is a proof of this principle.

  • Single protein detection
  • EMCD (electron magnetic dichroism) at atomic resolution
  • Plasmonics

Image adapted from Phys. Rev. Lett. (2021)


People: Prof. S. Frabboni, Dr. G. Gazzadi (CNR), Dr. V. Grillo (CNR), Dr. E. Rotunno (CNR), Dr. G. Bertoni (CNR)

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