Quantum Spintronics

Molecular Quantum Spintronics is the art of combining magnetic moments with charge currents or photons in the quantum regime, that is controlling molecular levels, superposition and correlation of states.

Our group devises hybrid devices combining selected molecular spins with graphene conducting layers of superconducting circuits to exploit genuine quantum features of molecules.

The experimental facilities include cryo-magnetic systems with advanced nanoelectronic and microwave equipment.

  • Molecular Magnetism
  • Molecular Quantum Spintronics
  • Circuit QuantoElectroDynamics
  • Quantum Dots based in semiconductor nanowires
  • Graphene-based devices
  • Superconducting qubits and photon detectors


Image credits: MoQuaS and FIM, UNIMORE


People: Prof. M. Affronte; Dr. A. Ghirri (CNR); Dr. C. Bonizzoni (CNR)

Research group website: www.lowtlab.unimore.it

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