Advanced fabrication and characterization of functional materials

Facing the crucial challenges for our society -such assustainable development, health, information technologies- requires the ability to imagine and create advanced materials with innovative properties controlling their composition, structure and morphology at the micro and nanoscale. The combination of different nano-systems in fact opens up a new world to explore, with properties and phenomena that are not the simple sum of those of individual objects, with possibilities for completely new applications. The application areas of these systems range from catalysis, photovoltaics and tribology to those inherent in ICT developments, such as nano-electronics, spin- and opto-electronics, nano-mechanics and new quantum technologies.

The activities at FIM are focused on:

Marco Affronte, Antonio Ballestrazzi, Roberto Biagi, Sergio D’Addato, Valentina De Renzi, Stefano Frabboni, Claudia Menozzi, Alberto Rota, Rita Tonini, Sergio Valeri.

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