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Magnanini, Federico, (2023)  - Riprogettare Sistemi IT per Garantire Survivability  - , Tesi di dottorato - (, , Universitą degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia ) - pagg. -

Abstract: Modern society is increasingly dependent on reliable Information Technology (IT) services. This pervasive digitalization offers multiple benefits, but it allows attackers to tamper with systems and cause great damage to services, customers and citizens. Modern IT systems should be designed and implemented to achieve a minimum security level even after successful intrusions, but the state-of-the-art is not oriented to meet similar goals. In this thesis, we consider critical systems that cannot tolerate intrusions and propose original solutions to satisfy their survivability, that is, to guarantee security properties even in the presence of successful attacks, failures, or accidents. The proposed ideas contribute to the fields of intrusion-tolerance and survivability in the context of access control, single sign-on authentication and software supply chains.