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Mccarthy, Lauren A.; Verma, Ojasvi; Narmada Naidu, Gopal; Bursi, Luca; Alabastri, Alessandro; Nordlander, Peter; Link, Stephan, (2023)  - Chiral Plasmonic Pinwheels Exhibit Orientation-Independent Linear Differential Scattering under Asymmetric Illumination  - CHEMICAL & BIOMEDICAL IMAGING, Articolo su rivista - Articolo in rivista (262) (, , ) - pagg. 30 - 39

Abstract: Plasmonic nanoantennas have considerably stronger polar- ization-dependent optical properties than their molecular counterparts, inspiring photonic platforms for enhancing molecular dichroism and providing fundamental insight into light-matter interactions. One such insight is that even achiral nanoparticles can yield strong optical activity when they are asymmetrically illuminated from a single oblique angle instead of evenly illuminated. This effect, called extrinsic chirality, results from the overall chirality of the experimental geometry and strongly depends on the orientation of the incident light. Although extrinsic chirality has been well-characterized, an analogous effect involving linear polarization sensitivity has not yet been discussed. In this study, we investigate the differential scattering of rotationally symmetric chiral plasmonic pinwheels when asymmetrically irradiated with linearly polarized light. Despite their high rotational symmetry, we observe substantial linear differential scattering that is maintained over all pinwheel orientations. We demonstrate that this orientation-independent linear differential scattering arises from the broken mirror and rotational symmetries of our overall experimental geometry. Our results underscore the necessity of considering both the rotational symmetry of the nanoantenna and the experimental setup, including illumination direction and angle, when performing plasmon- enhanced chiroptical characterizations. Our results demonstrate spectroscopic signatures of an effect analogous to extrinsic chirality for linear polarizations.