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Frassek, R.; Giardina', C.; Kurchan, J., (2021)  - Duality in quantum transport models  - SCIPOST PHYSICS, Articolo su rivista - Articolo in rivista (262) (, , ) - pagg. 1 - 15

Abstract: We develop the ‘duality approach’, that has been extensively studied for classical models of transport, for quantum systems in contact with a thermal ‘Lindbladian’ bath. The method provides (a) a mapping of the original model to a simpler one, containing only a few particles and (b) shows that any dynamic process of this kind with generic baths may be mapped onto one with equilibrium baths. We exemplify this through the study of a particular model: the quantum symmetric exclusion process introduced in [1]. As in the classical case, the whole construction becomes intelligible by considering the dynamical symmetries of the problem.