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Vizza, Martina; Pappaianni, Giulio; Giurlani, Walter; Stefani, Andrea; Giovanardi, Roberto; Innocenti, Massimo; Fontanesi, Claudio, (2021)  - Electrodeposition of Cu on PEDOT for a Hybrid Solid-State Electronic Device  - SURFACES, Articolo su rivista - Articolo in rivista (262) (, , ) - pagg. 157 - 168

Abstract: Conductive polymers are nowadays attracting great attention for their peculiar mechanical, electrical and optical proprieties. In particular, PEDOT can be used in a wide range of innovative applications, from electroluminescent devices to photovoltaics. In this work, the electrochemical deposition of 3,4 ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT) was performed on various substrates (ITO, thin films of gold and palladium on silicon wafers) by means of both potentiostatic and potentiodynamic techniques. This was intended to further expand the applications of electrochemically deposited PEDOT, particularly regarding the preparation of thin films in tight contact with electrode surfaces. This allows one to obtain systems prone to be used as electrodes in stacked devices. Chronoamperometric experiments were performed to study the nucleation and growth process of PEDOT. SEM, ESEM and AFM analysis allowed the characterization of the morphology of the polymeric films obtained. Raman and visible spectroscopy confirmed the high-quality of the coatings on the different substrates. Then, the PEDOT films were used as the base material for the further electrodeposition of a copper layer. In this way, a hybrid electronic device was obtained, by using electrochemical methods only. The high conductivity and ohmic behavior of the device were confirmed over a wide range of frequencies with electrical impedance spectroscopy analysis.