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Berto, M.; Di Giosia, M.; Giordani, M.; Sensi, M.; Valle, F.; Alessandrini, A.; Menozzi, C.; Cantelli, A.; Gazzadi, G. C.; Zerbetto, F.; Calvaresi, M.; Biscarini, F.; Bortolotti, C. A., (2021)  - Green Fabrication of (6,5)Carbon Nanotube/Protein Transistor Endowed with Specific Recognition  - ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, Articolo su rivista - Articolo in rivista (262) (, , ) - pagg. 2001114 - 2001121

Abstract: A general single-step approach is introduced for the green fabrication of hybrid biosensors from water dispersion. The resulting device integrates the semiconducting properties of a carbon nanotube (CNT) and the functionality of a protein. In the initial aqueous phase, the protein (viz., lysozyme [LZ]) disperses the (6,5)CNT. Drop-casting of the dispersion on a test pattern (a silicon wafer with interdigitated Au source and drain electrodes) yields a fully operating, robust, electrolyte-gated transistor (EGT) in one step. The EGT response to biorecognition is then assessed using the LZ inhibitor N-acetyl glucosamine trisaccharide. Analysis of the output signal allows one to extract a protein-substrate binding constant in line with values reported for the free (without CNT) system. The methodology is robust, easy to optimize, redirectable toward different targets and sets the grounds for a new class of CNT-protein biosensors that overcome many limitations of the technology of fabrication of CNT biosensors.