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Wojcik, P.; Bertoni, A.; Goldoni, G., (2021)  - Anisotropy of the spin-orbit coupling driven by a magnetic field in InAs nanowires  - PHYSICAL REVIEW. B, Articolo su rivista - Articolo in rivista (262) (, , ) - pagg. 085434 - 085434

Abstract: We use the k·p theory and the envelope function approach to evaluate the Rashba spin-orbit coupling induced in a semiconductor nanowire by a magnetic field at different orientations, taking explicitly into account the prismatic symmetry of typical nanocrystals. We make the case for the strongly spin-orbit-coupled InAs semiconductor nanowires and investigate the anisotropy of the spin-orbit constant with respect to the field direction. At sufficiently high magnetic fields perpendicular to the nanowire, a sixfold anisotropy results from the interplay between the orbital effect of field and the prismatic symmetry of the nanowire. A backgate potential, breaking the native symmetry of the nanocrystal, couples to the magnetic field inducing a twofold anisotropy, with the spin-orbit coupling being maximized or minimized depending on the relative orientation of the two fields. We also investigate in-wire field configurations, which shows a trivial twofold symmetry when the field is rotated off the axis. However, isotropic spin-orbit coupling is restored if a sufficiently high gate potential is applied. Our calculations are shown to agree with recent experimental analysis of the vectorial character of the spin-orbit coupling for the same nanomaterial, providing a microscopic interpretation of the latter.