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D'Addese, Gianluca; Sani, Laura; La Rocca, Luca; Serra, Roberto; Villani, Marco, (2021)  - Asymptotic Information-Theoretic Detection of Dynamical Organization in Complex Systems  - ENTROPY, Articolo su rivista - Articolo in rivista (262) (, , ) - pagg. 1 - 20

Abstract: The identification of emergent structures in complex dynamical systems is a formidable challenge. We propose a computationally efficient methodology to address such a challenge, based on modeling the state of the system as a set of random variables. Specifically, we present a sieving algorithm to navigate the huge space of all subsets of variables and compare them in terms of a simple index that can be computed without resorting to simulations. We obtain such a simple index by studying the asymptotic distribution of an information-theoretic measure of coordination among variables, when there is no coordination at all, which allows us to fairly compare subsets of variables having different cardinalities. We show that increasing the number of observations allows the identification of larger and larger subsets. As an example of relevant application, we make use of a paradigmatic case regarding the identification of groups in autocatalytic sets of reactions, a chemical situation related to the origin of life problem.