SUP&RMAN Laboratory (SUPerfici & Ricoprimenti per Meccanica Avanzata e Nanomeccanica - Surfaces & Coatings for Advanced Mechanics and Nanomechanics) produces functional coatings for innovative solutions in the field of mechanics, from nano to macro scale. The laboratory is part of High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Main goals:
- networking of expertise on surfaces and coatings for mechanics and tribology;
- produce good science, good technology, and an effective technological transfer;

Understanding and control of the tribological processes governing the mechanical response of solid surfaces from the nano to the macro scale. Optimization of mechanical performances in the presence of liquid and solid lubricants. Design, development and multiscale modelling of metallic, ceramic, glassy and composite functional coatings.

automotive, oleodynamics, cutting tools, biomedical, packaging, decorative, micro/nano-electro-mechanical devices., aerospace.

Silver nanocluster embedded in a Chromium Nitride coratins. Friction and wear perormances are related to the shape, size and concentration of nanoclusters.

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