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Metals and Oxides Ultrathin Films and Clusters

This activity aims at the fundamental understanding of phenomena and processes related to atomic scale interactions in reduced dimensionality, and at the design of spatially confined materials with optimized properties for the application in catalysis, energy conversion, and  magnetism.
The research is focused on the fabrication and study of metals and metal-oxides ultrathin films and nanoparticles, multi component materials (e.g. core-shell nanoparticles),  and interfaces. Emphasis is on electronic, optical and magnetic phenomena and properties. The activity takes advantage of  “on campus” state-of-the-art fabrication and analytical facilities, of a wide access to Shyncrotron Radiation Laboratories, and of participation to European networking actions.

Scanning Ttransmission Electron Microscopy  images in High Angle Annular Dark Field  mode of Ni-NiO nanoparticles with a core-shell structure.

STM topographic images of 3 ML Fe deposited onto a 5 ML  MgO/Mo(001) fi lms. The spatial ordering of the Fe particles becomes evident in the fast-Fourier transform shown in the inset.

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