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Higher-order singularities in S-matrices from tree-level integrability

Speaker: Davide Polvara - Università di Padova

Date: martedì 23 maggio 2023, 15.00 - 16.00, room M2.4

Abstract: Integrable quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions provide beautiful examples of exactly solvable models. Relying on the existence of higher-spin conserved charges characterising these models, the axiomatic S-matrix bootstrap program was applied in the past decades to conjecture analytical expressions for the S-matrices of several integrable theories in 1+1 dimensions.
Integrable theories can often also be studied perturbatively using standard Feynman diagrams, where the integrability manifests itself in a priori surprising cancellations and simplifications whose underlying mechanism is not completely understood. In this talk, I will discuss these simplifications at the tree and loop level for a famous class of integrable models, the simply-laced affine Toda field theories, and I will show how these simplifications play an important role to explain the pole structure of the S-matrices of these models.

Host: Rouven Frassek (rouven.frassek@unimore.it)

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