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Exploring the nano-world with electrons

Date: April 27th, 9:30
ONSITE: room L1.3 Physics building
ONLINE: https://meet.google.com/pfh-rzsv-vyc
Speaker: Prof. Rafal Dunin-Borkowski (Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons, Germany)
Title: Exploring the nano-world with electrons

Abstract: Transmission electron microscopy has been revolutionized inrecent years, both by the introduction of new hardware such field-emissionelectron guns, aberration correctors and in situ stages and by the developmentof new techniques that take advantage of increased computational speed and theability to control and automate modern electron microscopes. In this talk, Iwill describe how electron microscopy can be used to obtain quantitativeinformation about not only local variations in microstructure and compositionin materials, but also about switching processes in nanoscale devices,including individual electrically-biased phase change memory cells andthree-dimensional magnetic solitons in geometrically-confined structures. Iwill conclude with a personal perspective on directions for the futuredevelopment of transmission electron microscopy, followed by a summary ofrecent progress towards creating a sustainable distributed researchinfrastructure for electron microscopy in Europe.

Marco Gibertini (FIM, UNIMORE) marco.gibertini@unimore.it
Claudia Cardoso (S3, CNR-NANO) claudiamaria.pereiracardoso@unimore.it

Abstract [pdf]

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