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Gravitational horizons in quantum matter

Date: Wednesday October 26, 2022 - 11.00
ON SITE: S3 Seminar Room, 3rd floor, Physics Building
ONLINE: https://meet.goto.com/398666373
Speaker: Corentin Morice (Université Paris Saclay)

Abstract: We propose a class of lattice models realizable in condensed matter systems whose low-energy dynamics exactly reduces to Dirac fields subjected to gravitational backgrounds. Wave-packets propagating on the lattice exhibit eternal slowdown, signalling the formation of black hole event horizons. We show that the semiclassical wave packets trajectories coincide with the geodesics on (1+1)D dilaton gravity, paving the way for new and experimentally feasible routes to mimic black hole horizons and realize (1+1)D spacetimes as they appear in certain gravity theories.

Host: Andrea Ferretti (andrea.ferretti@nano.cnr.it)

Abstract [pdf]

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