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What is the universe made of?

Date: Friday May 27th, 14:30

Room: M1.5, 1st floor, Mathematics building (MO18)

Title: What is the universe made of?

Speaker: Prof. Enrico Bertuzzo Universitą di Sćo Paulo (Brasile), visiting @UNIMORE

Abstract: Answering this fundamental question is far from trivial. On Earth we have a remarkably successful theory, the Standard Model, that allows us to understand the properties of known subatomic particles to a great degree of accuracy. Unfortunately, the same is not true when we look at the overall content of the Universe. In this colloquium I will discuss the main observations that allow us to determine what our universe is made of, the lessons we can extract from them and the wealth of incognitas we still do not have an answer for.

Host: Marco Gibertini marco.gibertini@unimore.it

Abstract [pdf]

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