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On-site lectures - 1st semester 2021/22

Dear students,
expressing my best wishes for a successful restart of in-person activities, I list below some updates on how to access the FIM buildings and about the didactic organization in general.

1) Student access to facilities

To access classrooms students must be registered on the University portal, you must wear a mask, have the classroom reservation and the green pass (see the notice on the Department website ITA https://www.fim.unimore.it/site/home/archivio-avvisi/articolo1001060564.html ).

Before entering the buildings, students must show their booking.

At the entrance students are expected to measure their temperature and check the green pass if required to do so by the technical staff and/or Coopservice staff.

In order to easy control operations and avoid crowding as much as possible, students are recommended to have the booking and the green pass ready for verification. and be on site well in advance of the lesson starting time. It is also essential to bring a valid identity document (or student card).

Inside buildings, it is recommended to behave responsibly, aimed at avoiding gatherings.

Access to the buildings will be via two separate entrances:

    • Classrooms M1.1, M1.2, M1.3, LAB BASE AND LAB BASE 2: entrance from the first floor with access from the ramp (main entrance)
    • Classrooms M1.4, M1.5, M1.6, M1.7, M2.2, M2.3. M2.4, M2.5: access from the door next to the student offices (secondary entrance)
    • Classrooms L1.1, L1.2: access from the main entrance
    • Classrooms L1.3, L1.4, L1.5, L1.6, L1.7 and TEACHING LAB: access from the door of the classroom L1.3 via the emergency staircase by the side student parking (secondary entrance)

The secondary entrances will normally be open from 8 to 9.30 and from 13:45 to 14:30. If you find the secondary entrance closed, use the main entrance.

2) Access to the facilities by undergraduates and other unstructured staff

The access mode currently in force is confirmed, which involves filling out the online form (https://forms.gle/P9z5kPdcepdPHWi37), with indication of the tutor. For both buildings, you are asked to use the main entrance.

3) Organization of didactic activities

In light of the recent regulations adopted by the University, teaching at FIM will be organized as follows:

  • The Moodle platform (https://moodle.unimore.it) will be used to make contact with students.
    You are therefore invited to enroll in each course you intend to follow.
  • The didactic activities will be carried out in-person.
  • Students who cannot attend lecture in-person will be provided by each teacher with didactic material appropriate to the specificities of the individual courses.
    Possible examples are: handouts, slides, video lessons also from the last a.y. (if appropriate to the contents provided in this academic year) o recording of the lessons of the academic year in progress (in the case of new courses or courses with a changed program).
    Furthermore, for students who do not attend in person, the teacher can organize the weekly student reception in streaming, for clarification on the lessons of the week.

I am available for further information and thank you for your cooperation.

Prof. Luca Zanni
FIM Director

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