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FIM: building access protocols- Phase 3


Starting October 2020, faculty access to the Department buildings will be registered when entering the buildings using the faculty badge. ONLY when accessing a building the first time, faculty members must fill and sign the "Primo Accesso" form (INCLUDED and hand it out to at the building reception.


Non Faculty

Starting Monday October the 12th 2020, non faculty members entering Department buildings must register though the following registration form: forms.gle/P9z5kPdcepdPHWi37.
Registration must be completed by Thursday at 18:00, for the two following weeks.
Due to recent restrictions and to effectively trace accesses to buildings, non faculty members should consider entering the buildings exclusively for improrogabile labs activities. Moreover, non faculty members are allowed to enter buildings only when the referent faculty member is in the same building.
Whenever Emilia Romagna is a red zone, non faculty members are to ignore the Thursday at 18:00 registration deadline and register for building access only when really sure to actually enter the building. The registration form may be filled any time, at need, but always remembering to comply with UniMoRe room occupancy rules.

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