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Clarifications on the educational organization of the next semester

Teaching in presence and teaching in remote

Teaching for the next semester will be organized partially in person and partially remotely:
- some courses will be held entirely in remote mode;
- some courses will be held in mixed mode;
- physics laboratories in presence will be ensured.

How the remote activities take place

Lectures held in remote mode will preferably be streamed, on a platform indicated by the teacher (G Meet, Teams, etc.), and in any case recording will be made available on a repository accessible to students (Dolly, Classroom, Teams, etc. .), indicated by the teacher.

How the in-person activities take place

On site teaching at the department is subject to limitations defined by general health regulations and by the University, including the distance between everyone present, the use of masks in certain situations, and the sanitization of spaces between one group of students and the next. The organization that follows, valid for all the degrees of the department (physics, computer science, mathematics), is necessary to comply with these rules, but nonetheless has the purpose of ensuring a sufficient in-person activity to facilitate communication and the effectiveness of the didactics of each course.

  • All classroom in-person activities are concentrated in days of activity, so that each student must come to the department for a limited number of days in the week, remaining in the same classroom for all the activities of the day. For example, the first year of the degree in physics carries out all in-person activities on Wednesday. Students are never asked to change classroom;
  • In this way, there are only two courses in the department at the same time, in different buildings (physics or mathematics building). There are no other activities in the two buildings, so the number of people present at the same time is reduced to the number of students on the course;
  • The presence of the student must be booked with an online procedure that is being defined. The procedure assigns place and classroom for each day of attendance;
  • Activities are divided into 45-minute modules;
  • The department is closed to the public, it is not possible to enter and exit freely. In free hours between lessons, each student has a desk available in a different classroom where he/she can go to study; it is required to use the same desk throughout the day;
  • Students must leave the department between 1pm and 2pm.

Further information

The department will shortly notify rules of conduct within the buildings, procedures for booking attendance, activities timetable, both in-person and in remote mode.

All students are recommended to subscribe to the Dolly channels of the courses they are interested in. The teachers will communicate further information through this channel.

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