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Synthesis and characterization of semiconductor nanowires

Lunedì 25 giugno 2018 - Lunedì 25 giugno 2018 - è stato cancellato

Relatore: Jia Grace Lu (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)

Abstract: This presentation will give an overview of semiconductor nanowires, including metal oxides and chalcogenide nanowires. Then I will focus on the recent work on topological insulating nanowires made of Sb2Te3. These wires are grown by chemical vapor deposition method. The low temperature magnetoresistance measurements is supported by nano angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, indicating that the observed Aharonov-Bohm type oscillations in the presence of parallel magentic field arise from dominating TI surface transport in the p-type Sb2Te3 nanowires. The analysis of the magnetoconductance data with a magnetic field perpendicularly oriented to the wire axis reveals universal conductance fluctuations. The extracted coherence length and the temperature dependence of the conductance fluctuation provide information on the coherent-transport of TI surface states and the quasi-one-dimensional character of the transport along the wire axis.

Ospiti: Rosa Di Felice rosa.difelice@nano.cnr.it

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