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Meeting user information needs over disparate and distributed data sources

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Relatore: Prof.ssa Federica Mandreoli

Abstract: As a result of the unrelenting proliferation of sources and types of information, like Web information, IoT streams, social networks, and so on, integrating heterogeneous data is a major current challenge that manifests itself across a wide spectrum, from government and business to science and health care.
In this context, the need of solving user information needs over the full spectrum of relevant knowledge available in disparate and distributed data sources has attracted much attention.
In this talk, I provide an overview of the main research activities my research group, ISGroup, has been conducting on this topic.
I will first present some indexing and query processing techniques that can be exploited for effective and efficient answering in P2P data sharing context. Then, I will show the main research issues we are currently investigating to address contemporary big data management scenarios where users initially have limited understanding of the structure and semantics of the available data sources. Finally, I will sketch some future research directions, especially in the context of digital factories.

Ospiti: Andrea Sacchetti - Direttore del FIM.

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