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Germanium Mid Infrared Plasmonics for Sensing

Mercoledì 4 ottobre 2017 alle ore 12:00, aula Seminari, S3 Cnr Nano, edificio Fisica, Dipartimento FIM, Modena

Relatore: Michele Ortolani (Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' La Sapienza, Roma (IT))
Abstract: Heavily doped semiconductors with small effective mass of conductivity display a plasma frequency that goes well into the mid-infrared range, opening a broad range of long infrared wavelengths for which their dielectric permittivity is negative. Surface plasmons that form at the interface of two media, one with positive and one with negative permittivity, have been recently employed for electromagnetic field enhancement, near-field microscopy, molecular sensing, and engineering of the local density of photonic states, always using metals as the medium with negative permittivity. In this talk, we review recent results in which heavily electron-doped germanium is used instead of metals, obtaining the distinct advantages of direct CMOS compatibility, dielectric function design by tuning of the epitaxial material growth parameters, and optical activation by ultrafast laser pulses.
Ospiti: Arrigo Calzolari

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