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Dynamical fluctuations in classical and quantum non-equilibrium systems

Lunedģ 29 maggio 2017 ore 14.30, Aula M2.1, Edificio Matematica, Dipartimento FIM, Modena

Relatore: Carlos Perez-Espigares (Nottingham University)
Abstract:  In this talk we will present some results derived from the study of dynamical fluctuations in non-equilibrium diffusive systems. We will explain how by applying the Macroscopic Fluctuation Theory, interesting properties such as dynamical phase transitions (DPTs) can be predicted. In addition, we will show that the dynamics of a class of open quantum systems can be described in terms of fluctuating hydrodynamics, where fermionic open chains display a DPT similar to that of classical exclusion processes with open boundaries. This transition is manifested in a singular change in the structure of trajectories: while typical trajectories are diffusive, rare trajectories associated to atypical currents are ballistic and hyperuniform in their spatial structure.

Ospiti: C. Giadiną.

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