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Master Degree in Physics

The M.Sc in Physics is a student-oriented programme which provides extensive training in many fields of physics, from the most fundamental aspects to the latest technological applications and an understanding of the directions in physics today, beyond one’s own field of specialization. A constant contact with professors, doctoral students, and researchers, in a rich and stimulating environment, and thesis projects on the most current topics ensures that students are exposed to cutting-edge research already during their studies. Comfortable study rooms and state-of-the-art experimental and computational laboratories allow one to acquire an operative knowledge of modern techniques to manipulate and investigate matter, to develop theoretical-mathematical models, and to apply the most advanced computational techniques.

The training program is organized into two curricula, Theoretical and Computational Physics and Experimental physics, and offers study plans in

Selected students have the opportunity to follow the Honors program, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Physics and Nanoscience.

The M.Sc. in Physics is an international course, held entirely in English and open to international students from both EU and non-EU countries, to open up to the world of international research, also through the Erasmus + program. In addition to its teaching staff, the program appoints new Visiting professors every year, internationally renowned scientists from foreign universities, and scientists, amongst the leading experts in their respective fields, from research organizations with whom we collaborate regularly, including the CNR-NANO Institute for Nanosciences.

You can download a short guide to the application for non-EU students and a flyer.

- Didactic coordinator: Dr. Michela Vincenzi
- Director of the program: Prof. Guido Goldoni

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