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Master Degree in Physics

This is the official page of the two-year "Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Physics" degree course.

The course aims at training students at the highest international level in a wide spectrum of experimental and theoretical methods and advanced topics in Physics. Scientific activities at the Department ensure that students are exposed to cutting-edge research.

The M.Sc. is an international degree completely taught in English which encourages applications from foreign students. The educational program is organized in two different curricula, according to the major methodological skills that will be acquired:
- Experimental physics curriculum
- Theoretical and computational physics curriculum.

Both cover all fundamental aspects of modern physics and several applicative fields. In the M.Sc. students acquire the necessary mathematical, computational, and lab expertise, and develop their skills towards the most advanced techniques for matter investigation, data analysis, theoretical modeling, and/or advanced computational techniques. Such skills are nowadays required in many scientific and technological fields, in both industrial and fundamental research, well beyond physical sciences.

Within each curriculum, students may train in one or more of the several fields of contemporary physics research, e.g., condensed matter physics, nanoscience, (nano)biophysics, theoretical physics, computational physics, applied physics, high-energy, and particle physics. As science is not only a technical ability, we also offer a course in Science Integrity and support the development of soft skills. Students are encouraged to tailor the curriculum at their interests by combining the available courses in a personal curriculum (a few restrictions may apply).

One semester is devoted to developing a thesis project on the investigation of a topic of current interest in physics research, by joining one of the research teams of the Department or an international research center. Students may carry out part of the training, including the thesis semester, within the Erasmus mobility program.

Here you can download a brochure of the M.Sc in Physics.

- Student coordinator: Dr. Michela Vincenzi.
- M.Sc. coordinator: Prof. Guido Goldoni.


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